AB SOFORT LIEFERBAR: Das neue Sprachenlernen - Die Birkenbihl-Methode 4.0


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EXTRA-CURSES are TV films produced by Discovery/Channel4, especially for language learning. The Brain-Friendly implementation is based on the Birkenbihl 4.0 language learning method and is the most efficient way to develop excellent foreign language skills.

You learn Spanish intuitively, quickly, and, above all: you learn to speak. And that's just by watching.

Watch the movie while (intuitively) reading the text displayed synchronously at the bottom of the screen. There you see the foreign language, and the appropriate meaning in the native language is directly below it.

Instead of cramming vocabulary, you automatically learn the meaning of the words - and as a bonus, you also understand the sentence order intuitively, i.e., the grammar.

You'll notice progress very quickly, and you'll be able to speak more confidently and even exceptionally well.



  • 13 episodes (editions)

  • 30 minutes of film per episode

  • 6 lessons per episode

  • Language level A1 to C2+

  • additional learning material

The Brain-Friendly courses are online (cloud) courses, which means you need an online connection. The LIFETIME deal grants use for an indefinite period.